Total Joint Replacement for the Lumbar Spine

An alternative to spinal fusion for leg and back pain.

OUS Clinical Site

Our clinical site is currently enrolling outside of the United States under WIRB data collection protocol. To find out more about eligibility for these studies, please visit the practice site below.


The BalancedBack Total Joint Replacement is indicated for disorders requiring nerve decompression, restabilization, and maintenance of or improvement in sagittal balance. The subject has a primary diagnosis of lumbar degeneration (e.g. HNP, central disc herniation, annular tear) with or without facet degeneration with or without stenosis of the lumbar spine from L1 to S1 confirmed by subject history (e.g. leg and/or back pain or symptoms in the sciatic nerve distribution) and radiographic studies (e.g. MRI and plain radiographs) with no more than a Grade I Spondylolisthesis (< 3mm).

Cayman Spine

Grand Cayman

Cayman Spine is enrolling single and multilevel BalancedBack patients at Doctors Hospital in Grand Cayman.

About 3Spine

3Spine is a new kind of healthcare company that vertically integrates the development, clinical research, and delivery of novel healthcare technologies.  The BalancedBack Total Joint Replacement is the first technology platform developed by 3Spine as an alternative to fusion for the lumbar spine.

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